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EASA - e-examination

ZPZ is registered EASA e-examination provider. Additionally to the e-examinations ZPZ also delivers trainings on specific topics as preparation for e-exams.

The Aim of the EASA e-examination is to promote a high and uniform level of knowledge of EU Civil Aviation safety legislation.

EASA e-examinations as well as ZPZ trainings are typically taken by participants at the end of industry or NAA training courses. EASA e-examinations are voluntary and subject to a charge. Candidates who successfully pass the exams get an EASA certificate of achievement. *

For each e-examination you can find syllabi (click on the course code to download document from EASA web page) which defines the subject area. Individual exams cover the respective regulatory material covered and consist of approximately 15 - 30 multiple-choice questions. Exams usually last 40 minutes. A demo examination and help guide can be found on EASA WEB page – demo. / help guide.

ZPZ as registered EASA e-examination Provider also offers Training Courses for companies or personel who need/want proffesional education.

All Training Courses are developed and delivered by top level trainers.

Considering the above, you will realise that a Certificate of Attendance on one of TRAINING Course is an asset for your professional life.

ZPZ is currently offering following e-examinations:

No. Exam Code Exam Title Price
1 E.216-001 Basic Regulation - Overview -
2 E.1702-21.001 Part-21 – General overview -
3 E.1702-21G.001 Production Organisation Approval - (Revision 06.01.2009) -
4 E.1702-21J.001-01 Design Organisation Approval - (Revision 07.01.2009) -
5 E.2042-001 Continuing Airworthiness General -
6 E.2042-M.001 Part-M – General overview -
7 E.2042-M.002 Part-M – Commercial Air Transport -
8 E.2042-M.003 Part-M – Non-Commercial Air Transport -
9 E.2042-M.004 Part-M - Maintenance (Sub-part F) -
10 E.2042-145.001 Part-145 – General overview -
11 E.2042-145.002 Part-145 – Detailed -
12 E.2042-66.001 Part-66 – General overview -
13 E.2042-66.002 Part-66 – Detailed -
14 E.2042-147.001 Part-147 – General overview -
15 E.2042-147.002 Part-147 – Detailed -

* The certificates do not confer any special rights, privileges or accreditation.